If you’re interested in doing some work with me, I am available currently for freelancing opportunities within the following areas. My work tends to be focused on adult speculative fiction, but I would be open to working with any genre. Additionally, I can provide assistance with YA work, but anything younger (Middle Grade or Children’s) would be better suited with someone else.

Content Editing:

Where we can take a look at a piece that you have written, or are working on, to talk through challenges you’re having and where your strengths lie.

Inclusive Reading:

Are you trying to make sure your queer characters are fully realized people and not just tokens in a story? This is an opportunity to consult and think about what pieces of your characters are missing or over-exaggerated (stereotyping) in a way that will detract from your story. Let me help you find your character’s voice.

Copy editing:

If you’re looking for a focus on the writing itself, I can assist with copy editing! This is looking at grammar, consistency throughout the story, and ensuring that details lineup and make sense throughout the text.


In addition to these services, I am excited to help work through ideas even before you have a fully flushed out novel or story in front of you. Let me help talk you through those tricky plot points you can’t seem to untangle. Let’s find a way to make what you’re working on be INCREDIBLE, because it should be!

Rates are negotiable, depending on the scope of the project. If money is a challenge for you, reach out anyways. We can make something work.

You can email me directly at eric(at)ecrumrine(dot)com or with the contact form below. It may take a few days to receive a response, but I do my best to respond within 3-4 business days.